New York Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

Real Estate License Renewal

You can learn more about the requirements for Real Estate License Renewal in this article. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation maintains an online portal for real estate license renewal. This portal also provides the renewal deadlines for real estate license holders. The exam is proctored by a licensed school or institution. The renewal process is simple, but you must follow several deadlines to be eligible for renewal. Read on to learn about the details and requirements for Real Estate License Renewal. Learn more at

Continuing education is required for real estate license renewal

Real estate license renewal requires continuing education. In New York, all real estate agents must complete at least 22.5 hours of CE annually. Of those credits, 3 hours must be about fair housing and discrimination in the sale of real estate. The remaining 2.5 hours must focus on current legal matters or ethical business practices. Empire Learning New York offers various continuing education packages that will meet your state’s requirements. Continuing education is important for staying current on the latest industry trends and laws.

Real estate brokers and salespeople must complete at least two hours of continuing education in cultural competency and implicit bias awareness. Implicit bias is the term used to describe an individual’s unconscious attitudes that affect actions in unintended ways. Cultural competency means understanding the needs and preferences of diverse communities. For example, when selling property to a diverse group, you must have a basic understanding of cultural nuances and diversity.

Continuing education is also required for Connecticut real estate agents. New York’s real estate commission requires that agents complete at least two hours of continuing education every two years. These hours can be broken down into individual continuing education course topics as short as one credit hour. To meet this requirement, agents must take an annual Commission Update Course or an approved elective course. This course is updated every year and must be completed before the license can be renewed.

Courses are offered by Kaplan

Kaplan real estate education offers on-demand video instruction and live webinars, allowing you to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. The courses are taught by highly experienced real estate professionals, including appraisers, attorneys, and mortgage experts. They also offer self-paced study options and are offered in more than twenty-seven states. Kaplan also offers live, instructor-led webinars on a regular basis.

The company also offers career support and online courses, such as entrepreneurship. While the costs of Kaplan courses may be higher than those of many competitors, there are a variety of packages available for license renewal. While prices vary by state, many states require a specific number of CE credits for renewal. In addition, some states require specific courses. Kaplan also offers special bundles for license renewal, making their courses perfect for busy professionals.

Kaplan offers three online courses. For a salesperson license, Kaplan offers Real Estate Principles, the Master Exam Prep, and the Career Launcher package. The Real Estate Principles course fulfills the general education requirements for a state license and includes topics such as the laws that govern real estate and the government’s handling of these laws. It also covers math and the laws and regulations in real estate.

Exam is proctored by a school

A school must proctor your real estate license renewal exam. If you are completing your course online, you will need to contact your school to schedule the exam. The school will have a list of proctors available for your course. Choose one who is convenient for your schedule, and fill out a form to schedule your exam. A school should have three business days notice of your exam date, but it can be longer depending on proctor availability. You must complete the exam prior to your course expiration date.

The cost of an exam proctoring is usually included in your tuition. Some schools offer proctoring for a fee. ProctorFree is one such service. The company charges a fee of $19 per exam. The fee is usually waived if you register for an online course through a school. In New York, you must use an approved proctor list. This fee is included in your tuition.