How to Create a Home Lifestyle Blog

Home Lifestyle Blog

There are various elements to a good Home Lifestyle Blog. The basics are an About page, Contact page, Privacy Policy, and Products/Services page. The most frequently visited pages are these three. The tone and design of these pages should be friendly and informative. Moreover, it should convey your blog’s purpose and provide information to the reader. After establishing the essential pages, you can add other pages if you wish. In the end, your readers will be able to find what they are looking for.

The Motherchic

The Motherchic is a popular home lifestyle blog by fashion blogger Lindsey Schuster. The blog features tips and advice for mothers on everything from clothing to parenting. It boasts hundreds of thousands of followers and an extensive fashion line from Gibson X Motherchic. While the blog initially focused on parenting, Lindsey soon incorporated her love of fashion into her writing. Here are some tips from Lindsey Schuster:

The Stripe

Grace Atwood, founder of The Stripe Home Lifestyle Blog, is a New Yorker who has lived on Cape Cod for over ten years. The Stripe is her personal style journal, where she shares her love of beauty products, travel traditions, and her favorite Pamela Munson bags. Grace shares her life with her readers on her blog, and her personal style is influenced by her coastal roots and New York City lifestyle.

Barefoot Blond

Amber Fillerup, founder of the Barefoot Blond Home Lifestyle Blog, is a mother, blogger, and hair guru. She first rose to fame by doing hair tutorials on YouTube and has a following of over 115,000 on Instagram. Her blog documents her ever-evolving looks, family adventures, and home improvements. She is a popular presence on social media and recently shared a photo of her elegantly remodeled nursery for her 10-month-old daughter, Rosie.

Happy Fit Mamma

The Happy Fit Mamma Home Lifestyle Blog is a great resource for busy moms who want to maintain their health and fitness levels while at home. This mom of four and holistic nutritionist focuses on recipes and home fitness. She also offers coaching and lifestyle resources on healthy living and goal-setting for working moms. The blog is easy to navigate and provides practical advice for staying healthy. It also features guest posts by top health experts.


In May 2008, Kat Griffin, an attorney at the media law resource center at Cahill, began anonymously posting on Corporette. Previously, she had worked as an attorney at Family Circle and then at Georgetown University Law Center. While a lawyer, she had to adjust her personal style to the conservative environment of the law firm. Today, Griffin has over 40,000 followers and has been quoted in a number of articles about business attire and the future of fashion.

Bright Bazaar

The creator of the popular home lifestyle blog Bright Bazaar is a British design blogger, Will Taylor. His interiors are known for their vibrant colors, and the blog has received thousands of followers. His blog has also inspired over one million pins on Pinterest. Follow him to keep up with the latest in interior design and style. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your home design. Listed below are some of his most popular posts:

Amber’s sister’s blog

A new scandal has erupted in the relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Amber’s sister claims that Johnny hit her, but Depp denies the accusation. Her blog describes their relationship. Amber also discusses her new boyfriend Harley’s alleged physical abuse of her. The incident has ignited a fire of rumors and accusations. Now, what happened? Who is behind this scandal? And who will be held responsible?

Camille Styles’ blog

The founder and editor-in-chief of Camille Styles’ home lifestyle blog is an inspiration for a beautiful, well-lived life. From healthy foods and entertaining to beauty and wellness, Camille’s home offers a wealth of ideas for a happy, healthy home. Whether you’re trying to make your apartment feel cozy or want to add a pop of color, her site will be a great resource.

Corporette’s blog

The founders of A beautiful mess, a home lifestyle blog by Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson, are sisters and business partners. They have a team of creative professionals contributing to the development of the blog. The target audience of Corporette is professional women looking for tips on how to make themselves look professional and attractive. The blog started in 2008 and already features a large range of content. In addition to home and style, A beautiful mess also offers career advice and recipes.

Downshiftology’s blog

When Sandy Yeh started her home lifestyle blog Downshiftology in 2009, she was primarily interested in documenting her cooking and baking skills. Today, it’s one of the most popular lifestyle blogs around. Her passion for travel is also a big part of her content, which includes how-to videos, food reviews, and recipes. A mother and wife, Sandy Chang started Sandy a la Mode in 2010 and has never looked back.